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She is back

Posted by munis on September 25, 2009

My mother just arrived at home from the province.  I’m so happy she is back, I don’t need to hurry myself to back home from the office. Things will be back to normal 😀

I’m much happier for my mother because she can now have better rest, free from stress and relaxing time at home.

To have background of what she was stressed for;  because of the none stop flooding, my grandparents need to evacuate and they need a new home. My mother tasked to facilitate and manage the building of a new small house (bahay kubo) for my grandparents.



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Posted by munis on September 24, 2009






The Department of Foreign Affairs just open its Regional Consular Office in Cotabato City located at the new City Hall Building known as People’s Palace, Cotabato City.

This is very helpful and accessible for all residents of Cotabato City and nearby cities and municipalities because they don’t need to go to Davao City to file and process their passport applications.

Started last September 1, 2009, passport applications were accepted and processed at the said RCO.

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7 Day Vacation

Posted by munis on September 14, 2009

I am so excited on my 7-Day Vacation, it is from September 17, 2009 to September 23, 2009. I will be out from the office on September 17, 18, 22 and 23. Holiday will be observe on September 21 in the observance of the Eid’l Fitr (Festival of Breaking Fast). And Of course, Saturday and Sunday are included to complete the 7.

The Sept 17, 18, 22 and 23 were filed as an additional Vacation Leave credits from my previous client.

I will be spending my 3 day vacation in going to Cotabato City for my second dose of vaccine scheduled on September 18, 2009. I will be leaving Davao on Sept 17 and be back on 19. Because I am observing the Fast of Ramadhan, vaccine will be given after the time of breaking fast in the evening.

Eid’l Fitr will be tentatively on September 20 or 21, which depends on the sighting of the new crescent moon at the night of September 19. If the moon will be sighted on that night, automatically September 20 will be announced as day of Eid’l Fitr. However, if the moon will not be sighted, the following day, September 21 will be announced as day of Eid’l Fitr.

Nevertheless, either on September 20 or 21 will be announced as day of Eid’l Fitr, I will observe Eid’l Fitr and perform the early morning Eid’l Fitr prayers at the Ecoland Islamic Center with my family and friends.

To avoid confusion, Malacañang declaration (September 21 – National Holiday) is not necessarily the day of Eid’l Fitr and the day for the Eid’l Fitr prayers. The day of Eid’l Fitr Muslim will depend through the sighting of the new crescent moon on the 29th day of Ramadhan (September 19).

Date tracking: I ended with September 20. I still have 3 days remaining for my vacation. I will spend it for my self and to my stuffs at home. I am planning to clean my room and arrange my documents, filed folders and school papers. I will buy plastic envelops to file them accordingly with label. Plastic envelop is a good file container for me instead of using folders and paper envelops that will give unusual smell after a long period of time – a smell of a old/spoiled paper.

This Vacation is a big help to my room, hekhek ^_^ .

I am hoping that all my plans will be finished and done appropriately, InshaALLAH.

I will be back at office on Thursday, September 24, 2009.

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New RMTs

Posted by munis on September 10, 2009

Big round of applause to all 799 who passed the Medical Technologist Licensure Examination held last September 5 & 6, 2009.

Congratulations to all UICians who passed the exam, UIC got 100% passing rate.

Special mention to my friends, namely; HANAN HUSAIN and KARLA AGNES URSAL.


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Holiday, September 21, 2009

Posted by munis on September 3, 2009

Early in the morning I just heard from the news that Malacañang declared September 21, 2009 (Monday) a National Holiday in the observance of the Eid’l Fitr.

Eid’l Fitr (Festival of Breaking Fast) is a Muslim holiday in celebration of the end of Ramadhan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.

Advance Happy Eid’l Fitr to all Muslim people

In view of the announcement, most of the Filipinos are waiting and excited for the up coming long weekend on September 19-21.

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College Classmates Outing

Posted by munis on September 1, 2009

college classmates

College Classmates Outing/Reunion
August 29, 2009
Dumoy Garden Beach Resort, Toril, Davao City

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Be vaccinated

Posted by munis on July 20, 2009

A month ago my sister kept on telling me to have our cervical cancer vaccine. Then to stop it, I said “yes, I will go with you”. I told her that she just tell me when and where to have it. She did all the things; finding for a trusted doctor and settling for schedule.

The postponed schedule was last July 4, 2009, my sister scheduled it during their Passporting Mobile in Cotabato City. To have more safe trip, I joined and ride with their Staffs in other van. Our van arrived at 8 o’clock in the morning to the place, we wait for their van where my sister ride on. They arrived in an hour after, my sister and I saw each other then she told me that the doctor sent her a text telling that the vaccine was not available and we will reschedule the vaccination.

We decided to reschedule for another Saturday, July 18, 2009. Days before the date, I felt, I want to backed out the said vaccination. Going to Cotabato City with my sister was so hard for me because we had misunderstanding or I may say, I was irritated to her (Hhehehe, just a small thing). Hence, back outing is not in my personality, if I say YES, I mean it. So the plan was the same and the good thing was that our parents will accompany us. Two days before the trip my sister chatted and I told her what I felt and we talked about that small thing, hehehheeh. Meaning before the trip, we were in good terms.

July 18, Saturday, our parents, my sister and I went to Cotabato City with different purposes. My father visited our cousin, who is getting married. My mother visited our grandparents and our relatives in her side. My sister and I went to the city to be vaccinated.

We arrived at 10 o’clock in the morning, my sister and I departed in my cousin’s house. We had our lunch at the City proper before we went to the doctor. Finally after for a long time and things happened, vaccination was to done in that time.

The Doctor’s clinic was in Mabini St., Cotabato City. The Doctor was a friend of my sister and a trusted and known Ob-Gynecologist at the City. And most specially she is a Muslim.

After introducing each other, the Doctor informed us about the vaccine to be injected. She let us read the booklet and explained some important things. She informed us the price, hehehehe, I was amazed, the price was so so for me. The price per dose is most likely half of my monthly salary.

The name of the injected vaccine was Gardasil Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus, it is given in 3 separated doses, in our case the first dose done last July 18, 2009. The second dose is after 2 months, which was scheduled September 18, 2009. And the final dose will be 6 months after the first dose, which was scheduled January 18, 2010.

To all ladies out there, if you have such money, be vaccinated. “GARDASIL is the only cervical cancer vaccine that helps protect against 4 types of human papillomavirus (HPV): 2 types that cause 70% of cervical cancer cases, and 2 more types that cause 90% of genital warts cases. GARDASIL is for girls and young women ages 9 to 26. read more

The second dose is on September 18, 2009, I’m now preparing for my self and money. Now, I was able to saved the exact amount for it. I’m ready to my second dose and I even filed for a Vacation Leave for this. I filed VL for 2days; September 17 and 18, 2009.

Prevention is better than cure… be vaccinated ladies.

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Thank You Promet

Posted by munis on June 10, 2009

Today is June 10, 2009. It’s my 1st year anniversary working in Promet.

Thank you to Promet-Web Devs, Cy2x, Ma’am Junelle and to my QA team mates namely; Manilyn, Hannah and Donnabel for teaching and guiding me in all QA tasks.

Special thanks to Ma’am Thea and Sir Andy for the chance to continue working in Promet.

Shukran most especially to the Almighty, who gave me everything.


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Farewell Cy2x

Posted by munis on June 3, 2009

Captured moments with my friend Ma’am Cyrose G. Plaza…

cy2x and munis

This picture is our official picture together. Shot taken by Marlon and edited by Amy and Mitch.


Taken last September 19, 2008. In celebrating Promet Global Event 2008: Mindanao Philippines. Held at Eden Nature Park.

It was our first bonding moment together.


2008 Christmas Party at Davao Philippines December 22, 2008 at Grand Menseng hotel.



We received a package from our Iloilo-team mate; John Ross. Thank you John :-D.

Cy2x thank you so much for everything… Good luck and God bless…

Farewell Cy2x

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December ’08 Experience

Posted by munis on January 5, 2009

Things I had experienced in December 2008.

December 03, 2008

I was one of the 3rd price winners of the Shop More Win More raffle promo of Victoria Plaza Mall, Davao City. It has 6 draws, my name was luckily picked in the 1st draw.


December 09, 2008

I received FREE 300 Smart-Smart texts load from SMARTLoad, its been my goal since I’m in the business. Finally, I reached the quota of loading 3500 in a month.

I know that I can’t make it regularly or monthly but I will try to make it again. Thanks SMARTLoad…:)

December 20, 2008

I got my 4th quarter bonus from our client.

Thank you Promet people…

December 22, 2008

I had dinner with my team mate, Cyrose.  It was sponsored by our client. But to have the night much enjoyable, we decided to bring and treat our friends; Amy Lyn, Junie and Rhea Mae. We had our eat-all-you-can dinner at the Grand Menseng hotel. And Cyrose and I exchanged gifts as well.

Here are our pix…



December 24, 2008


We had our family trip, we went to our province. We were 8 persons traveled using a private car. The trip was memorable to me because my bonus made the trip possible, I was in-charged for the gasoline expenses for the whole trip. Memorable also because it was the very first visit of my niece in our province and meet our grandparents and relatives.

December 27, 2008

We had our 4th year high school classmates reunion, 75% of the class participated. We also haPic044d our formal program in the middle of the activity. We decided to continue the reunion for the coming years and coordinate to those who were unable to join the reunion. We are hoping to have more participants next reunion.

It was an over night activity, then as usual I went home before 12 mid night. (hekhek  ;D )Pic041

December 31, 2008

In the whole year of 2008, it was my first and last swimming event.
At the last day of the year 2008, my mother and I accompanied my 3 cousins to the beach. Pic000We just walked our way to the beach since it is just a walking distance from our house.

Though my intentions were only to accompany my cousins and watch over them while they are enjoying at the beach I wasn’t able to stop myself from dipping. I just didn’t let the water touch my feet but I let my body feel the salt water. Hehehehe, in short, I joined my cousins and swam!

That was the first and last swimming event I had for the entire year of 2008.

It was tiring but nevertheless fun!


These were my experienced last December 2008.

Shukran and Alhamdulillah!

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Evahn and I

Posted by munis on December 19, 2008

Evahn and I used to meet every Fridays or Saturdays, it is our strolling time. We used to eat every meeting we had, stroll and took our pictures. We treat each other every time we meet.



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Vote for Faiy-zah Murod

Posted by munis on October 17, 2008

For every purchase of item/s worth 300 at the Department store of Victoria Plaza (Davao), you can vote for Faiy-zah and get the chance to win on the raffle draw.


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My newly stuff!!!

Posted by munis on May 23, 2008

Earlier this week, I encountered a site that has a picture of a stuff I had yesterday. It was that time I knew the real name of this. It is RUBIK’S CUBE or Magic Cube. Then, to stop my curiosity about the name, I searched it through the Net. There, I read why it was named like that, the history of it, and amazingly the move notations in solving it. I don’t know if many of us knew this what they called Rubik’s Cube solution guides, there have been many discoverers developed their algorithms (or operator, or sequence) on how to solve the puzzle.

Ever since, I loved to solve a puzzle even though sometimes there are difficult to solve puzzles but I took time to solve what I started. Rubik’s cube belongs to the puzzle family, it’s been my dream to have this and solve it (if I could, hehehe). Thanks to the site!(honestly I forgot the name). The site helped me to have my first move to finally buy one for me. From then, I asked for help on where I could buy — through my YM status message, thankfully there are 5 people responded.

Yesterday, after work, Mae and I went out. I bought this newly stuff of mine at one of the Shopping Malls here in town and Mae did also her purpose at the mall. Finally my crave for Rubik’s cube ended and now I’m trying to solve the puzzle.

At my arrival home, I borrowed the camera of my sister to take pictures to my new stuff. In my next post I will show to you the pictures.



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Tagged Chain

Posted by munis on May 22, 2008

Hmmm, Now I’m posting a new one because I have to continue the chain of the “Tagged” passed by my friend Mae.

This is the Chain and my answer in the letter “M”:

I am here again creating another tag meme. I entitle this “I Wish I Were … Alphabet” . We have lot of wishes, and dreams . We know we aren’t perfect, and we can’t be everything we want us to be . We may be jack-of-all-trades but there are just some things that we really dearly wish we were . So it’s time to showcase your dreams in this alphabet .

*The rules: Below are the letters A-Z . You have to fill in your dreams and wishes in the letter that corresponds to the first letters of your full name, and these wishes of yours should also start with those letters .

For example, in my case, my full name is Caesar Balatero, so I’d take C and B. After doing so, I will fill in spots C and B with who I want to be other than who I am now. This is basically “I wish I were a/an…”. So, I wish I were a chef and a ballroom dancer. Don’t forget to put your links in the item/s, okay, so people will know…

(Note: if the letter is already filled, replace it with your dream/wish, and if you have two or three first names, then good: fill the letters up!)

A: Actuary/accountant
B: Bubbly (more bubbly)- mae
C: cheerdancer! ahaha! Perpetual Bliss
F:Fitness Instructor/Junelle
J: Jonel’s Lawful Wife 🙂 – Perpetual Bliss

M:Miss Universe 2008>>>munis<<<

N:News Anchor in a popular TV network.
R: Regine Velasquez – Mae
S: Successful Writer/Super Mommy and Wifey! -Perpetual Bliss
T:Talented person, Taller

Let this I Wish I Were… Alphabet spread widely…*

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who am I?

Posted by munis on April 30, 2008

My Group

I will named them for you to know whose in the picture.

From the left side; Ms. Emmylou from Dole, Ms. Eleonor from Dole, Mughnisa from ESPC-Davao, Ms. Gerlie from Phoenix, Ms. Ailyn from One Network Bank, Ms. Revelyn from an Accounting Firm, Ms. Florence from Pag-ibig Funds, and Ms. Zilpha a business woman. For the men’s side: from the left; Mr. Albert from One Network Bank, Mr. Joseph Micheal from the Office of the City Administrator, and Mr. Rey.

And now, who am I?

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